Ziv-Av engineers optical head support system and PIP-foil manufacturing solutions for HP Indigo

About HP

HP Indigo is a global company that develops, manufactures and markets digital printing solutions, including printing presses, proprietary consumables/supplies and workflow solutions.
Ziv-Av provides ongoing support solutions to the tough challenges of HP Indigo

Ziv-Av has carried out a number of engineering designs for HP Indigo and enjoys their trust for their ongoing development procedures. Ziv-Av was working with HP Indigo for several years and us still providing solutions to their design challenges – as shown below

Ziv-Av designs the machine for high-quality aluminum PIP-foil winding

With their extensive industry experience, Ziv-Av’s professional engineers designed the foil winding machine. The powerful machine is designed to cut the aluminum to size and processes it further to create high-quality PIP foil. The design enables placing the aluminum foil into the cartridge. These ready-to-use cartridges provide easy printing solutions to the HP Indigo’s end-users.

Ziv-Av designs and produces a mechanism to support the optical head

Another successful project for HP Indigo, Ziv-Av’s team designed the mechanism to support the new optical heads for testing them on the development device. Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary services for all-inclusive design included electronics, electrical scheme, and software of the machine. Ziv-Av was able to design the mechanism to hold and move the optical heads for testing and development purposes.

This multi-tasking project also included chip processing CNC machines and Ziv-Av’s team proved to be a one-stop solution provider for HP Indigo’s design and manufacturing needs.

After a successful design, Ziv-Av produced these mechanisms for HP Indigo’s development devices.

Ziv- Av builds better products, promotes business growth

Ziv-Av has been providing leading companies like HP, Kodak, BigRep and Stratasys with reliable solutions for 30 years and performs high-level research to create designs with reduced production costs. Our engineering team – involving a variety of disciplines and industry perspectives –has all the skills needed to provide cutting-edge designs that offer maximum value at affordable prices.

Achieve breakthrough speed, resilience and savings. Start your next engineering project with Ziv-Av today!

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